Gay refugee walk-in


Dit evenement vindt plaats van 19 januari 2019 tot en met 16 november 2019. De eerstvolgende keer is op 16 november 2019 16.00


Our bi-monthly theme party, that brings LGBTI Refugees from all over the country together in one place.

Every 3rd Saturday of the even months between 16:00 – 21:00 (4:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.) (Event is for LGBTI refugees and invites)

Cocktail wants to help to reduce the isolation that LGBTI Refugees and Asylum seekers are in. We want to introduce them into the Dutch society and our LGBTI community in a fun and safe way.

We want to help to improve the social climate for/and the safety of, LGBTI newcomers and migrants in the Netherlands. The LGBTI community is often discriminated or threatened in large parts of the world. In some countries they are imprisoned or even sentenced to death. Sometimes fleeing is their only option. They have to leave family and friends behind for an uncertain future in a strange country. In addition, the sexual orientation of LGBTI refugees is often not accepted or tolerated by their fellow newcomers in the refugee centers, just like in their country of origin. This can lead to severe forms of violence, isolation, and feelings of anxiety, or depression.

Dates in 2019
Saturday 19 January
Saturday 16 March
Saturday 18 May
Saturday 20 July
Saturday 14 September
Saturday 16 November