Queerstatic Dance


Dit evenement eindigde op 29 december 2019

★ Queerstatic Dance
We celebrate being Queer. We invite all LGBTQ + friends to dance together !

★ During Queerstatic dance, you are invited to dance your own dance. It is a safe space where you can pass through a meditative state, experiment with movement, express yourself or play. The exquisite music takes us on adventures.

★ Odessa’s belly proves to be an intimate space where you might connect to others on the dancefloor. Without speaking, as we will keep verbal (and digital) communication to an absolute minimum.

★ Guidelines
1. No talking
2. No intoxication
3. Dance however you wish
4. Respect yourself and one another
5. We dance barefoot

★ Odessa is an alcohol-free space. Tea and water is included in the Ecstatic Dance entrance fee. We serve vegan soup + bread pre-ecstatic.

★ Spa deck
Odessa’s sauna and hot tub are open, so bring your bathing suit + towel.

★ Timeline
18:00-23:30 | open ship and spa deck, soup + bread
19:00 | opening dancefloor
19:30-22:00 | ceremony + ecstatic dance (please be on time!)
22:00-23:45 | time to socialize/ dance/ spa (live music/performance)

★ Entrance: € 15,-
€ 12,- with our 5x Starfish card
€ 10,- with our 10x Starfish card