🦚 = English 🦋 = Nederlands —– WELCOME WELKOM! —– 🦚Workshop Drag-up Eleonora Johanna Remmen also known as ELLE Gazelle. A performance artist and drag performer. Instigator at Queeructation, a queer performance art collective in Arnhem. Based in Arnhem. 4th year student at BEAR ArtEZ. 🦚Drag has become more and more mainstream due to reality … Lees verder Qtopia – Drag Workshop

This particular night we start early. Right after the Drag workshop initiated by Qtopia Queer Arts Festival. From 19.00 Dj’s Suus Hizzl and Luca will start off the night. Followed by DJESSE & friends all night long from 00.00 Enjoy music, dancing, lovely people, drinks and art! Facebook event