Hi people, Next Cocktail meeting we will do walk through the city of Maastricht to visit all the spots that played a role in the lgbtiq history of Maastricht through the ages. The tour will start and end at café Rosé, Bogaardenstraaf 43, Maastricht. After the tour we can enjoy a live performance by singer/drag … Lees verder Cocktail Limburg meeting

Everybody should feel safe and welcome in Nijmegen. The goal of Cocktail (COC Region Nijmegen) is to make LGBTIQ+ refugees feel at home. That’s why they organise meetings for LGBTIQ+ refugees and asylum seekers. On Roze Woensdag (Pink Wednesday) Cocktail organises a special meeting for refugees an asylum seekers! Note: this meeting is only for … Lees verder COC Cocktail Refugee Meeting @ Roze Woensdag