Legal Love – 20 years of marriage for everyone


Dit evenement vindt plaats van 1 april 2021 tot en met 27 augustus 2021. De eerstvolgende keer is op 2 augustus 2021

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In Amsterdam, the first marriages between same-sex partners took place on April 1st, 2001, just after midnight. The municipality of Amsterdam is celebrating the 20th anniversary of same-sex marriage with the photo exhibition Legal Love. We can be proud of this milestone. At the same time, the municipality recognises that in 2021 there are still obstacles, problems and threats facing lgbtia+ people.

With the exhibition LEGAL LOVE we look back on 20 years of marriage between partners of the same sex and we look at what we still need to do to achieve equality for lgbtqia+ persons.

The Open mind foundation and photographer/artist Ernst Coppejans made 20 personal dual portraits of same-sex couples who got married in the past 20 years.

Legal Love – 20 years of marriage for everyone – was launched on April 1st, 2021 at the Stopera in the centre of Amsterdam. Every three weeks, the exhibition will move to a different part of the city.

Planning – Multimedia outdoor traveling exhibition

01-04-2021 / 23-04-2021 – Amsterdam Centrum – Stopera
23-04-2021 / 14-05-2021 – Amsterdam Zuid – Amstelpark
14-05-2021 / 04-06-2021 – Amsterdam West – Mercatorplein
04-06-2021 / 25-06-2021 – Amsterdam Zuid Oost – Bijlmerplein
25-06-2021 / 16-07-2021 – Amsterdam Oost – Oostpoort
16-07-2021 / 06-08-2021 – Amsterdam Nieuw West – Osdorpplein
06-08-2021 / 27-08-2021 – Amsterdam Noord – IJpromenade

With special thanks to the 20 beautiful couples who agreed to visually represent:
– The anniversary celebration of the opening up of civil marriage to people of the same sex.
– Sharing the marriage experiences of a diverse group of portrayed married LGBTQIA + persons with a large and broad target group.
– Looking back on the past 20 years with an eye on the future.
– Putting current problems that arise around the acceptance of LGBTQIA+  people on the agenda.
– Driving the conversation about the current state of affairs regarding acceptance and inclusion.
– Promoting social acceptance and equal rights of LGBTQIA +  people.

You can find the current schedule and locations on the Open Mind Foundation website.