OUTcamp: Totally Spicy!


Dit evenement vindt plaats van 2 oktober 2020 tot en met 4 oktober 2020. De eerstvolgende keer is op 2 oktober 2020

🕵️ Incoming message: Operation U.N.I.C.O.R.N.

This mission will involve a lot of different lies, spies, and allies in disguise to decypher the mystery and become the best OUTcamper in history! ❓📚 So train for this mission and prepare, pack your bags with enough underwear, or bring your favourite campfire wear. That way you’ll be ready nicely for the upcoming OUTcamp: Totally Spicy! 🏕️🌶️🕵️

The mission will take place from 2 till 4 October, but you better start training now. Sign up if you are suited for the job at operationunicorn.nl. Since this is a very important mission, it’s all hands on deck! Non-members can join and strengthen our forces as well and get to know our other agents. This camp will be Totally Spicy, but not too pricey at €45,-

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