Pride Cocktail Walk


Dit evenement eindigde op 25 juli 2021

🏳️‍🌈 23-25 July Pride Cocktail Walk 🍸

Since there is no official Pride parade this year, we as WOGO created a (safe) parade! While walking from bar to bar, you will be in (covid proof) touch with the most fabulous Drag Queens in the country. Furthermore, you get to enjoy the biggest discounts on your drinks while learning about queer history and culture.

This is more than just a regular Cocktail Walk: We have partnered up with Crystal Head Vodka (@crystalheadvodka ) and Smith & Sinclairs (@smithandsinclaireu ) to donate part of our sales to the charity “@aidsfonds” so that we all together can contribute to making an impact.

To donate as much money as possible for “Het Aidsfonds” every partner contributes:
– WOGO: Donates 0,5 cents per sold ticket and 0,5 cents per sold cocktail
– Smith & Sinclair: Donates 1 euro per sold Pride Box (Which will be available at the stand during the walk)
– Salud Distribution: Donates 2 euro’s per sold Pride Bottle and 5 euro’s per sold T-shirt (Which will be available at the stand during the walk). They also will be sponsoring the alcohol to the bars during the walk (Crystal Head Vodka, Bayou Pink Rum & Scapegrace gin)

On top of that Goodie Bags with surprises from our partners (Smith & Sinclairs, Het Aidsfonds, Coca Cola and more) are waiting for you as well!

Tickets can be ordered here or the link in our bio 🏳️‍🌈

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