Queer Picnic #1 (Queer Summer)


This summer, in July, August and September, we will organise Queer Summer again. This year we will do hang outs, picnics, crafting sessions, game nights,… And whatever opportunities come our way during the summer.

We will keep it low key, meaning: no huge gatherings, no indoor parties, instead of that we will be focusing on nourishing our social fabric in a small and dorky way.

This Sunday, we are kicking off Queer Summer with our first Queer Picnic! We will meet at De Verloren Parel (the sculpture by Madeleine Berkhemer) in Het Park at 14:00.

Check our this event page and our social channels for last minute changes and exact location. Please bring your own blanket, snacks, drinks, games…

Wearing a mask is not mandatory. Each of us is free to decide which precautions to take regarding COVID. Keep in mind that might entail negotiation with those around you.

Our intentions in creating this time is especially aimed at bringing people together who may feel vulnerable in going back to social events, going alone or who may be new to the queer community/city. So, PLEASE, PLEASE, anyone feel welcome to join us with friends without friends, we are here and we can’t wait to meet you!

As always our events have an outspoken intention to make space where respect amongst and towards each other is important. Actions that come from a place of hate, discrimination and intrusion are not welcome, so no racism, no femmephobia, no fatshaming, no sexism, no (insert all the other forms of exclusion that make some of us feel unsafe)!

We approach each other with kindness and respect here.

People from Queer Rotterdam will host the activities and introduce themselves at the beginning. You may always turn to them personally during the activity. When the activity is over, you can e-mail us as a collective if you have any thoughts or want to share an experience ([email protected]).

Queer Rotterdam aims to SUPPORT, CONNECT and ACTIVATE our community.
In 2019 and 2018 Queer Rotterdam organised Queer Summer in collaboration with WORM, THO010, Tender Center Rotterdam, Unwanted Words, Pirate Bay, and many amazing queer artists.

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