SlutStand Rotterdam 2021 | International Womxn’s day celebration


In 2020, we marched through the streets of Rotterdam, expressing our need as inhabitants of this city to create a public space that is free from sexual harassment, unequal treatment between genders, misogyny, machism, and discrimination.

COVID-19 brought changes when it comes to Womxn’s emancipation. The cases of gender based violence rose, mostly Womxn were pushed into precarious positions related to housing and unemployment while our feeling of unsafety in the streets remains the same.

Rotterdam can do better!
On the day before International Women’s day, KONTRA organises the SlutStand Rotterdam 2021! Join us on Sunday the 7th of March!

Because of the pandemic we are unable to march through the streets this year. So, we are organising a SlutStand- which will be a static demonstration celebrating Womxnhood and those who continuously fight for Womxn’s rights and empowerment.

We invite you to dress as you like, without fear.
We invite you to stand with us and cheer for Womxn’s rights!
We invite you to celebrate femininity in the company of each other.
We invite you to be part of this collective demand for change!

The SlutsStand is open to all who wish to join, despite religion, beliefs, creeds, and gender. If you have any questions, concerns and/or suggestions, please feel free to message us on our page


** KONTRA uses the word Womxn instead of Women in an attempt to get away from patriarchal language.
Like our other events, we have a participation policy /
»»»» Make sure to respect our code of conduct – KONTRA holds the right of removal. You can read our code of conduct here:
1. Anti-violence;
2. Respect for each other’s presence, expression, and opinion;
3. Anti-rape movement & consent is key;
4. Anti-racism/misogyny/bigotry and you are anti behaviour that stems from xenophobia, racism, homophobia, and transphobia;
5. No to body shaming (of any sort);
6. Anti-beauty standardization, YES to exploring your personal aesthetics;
7. Solidarity with different kinds of narratives;
8. Active and shared protection attitude: by calling out the attitudes and actions that threaten the participants’ safety;
9. Womxn and queers to the front!
There will be floor angels present at the march. They are here for you so feel free to approach them in any situation YOU deem necessary.

Any dismay or violence of this code of conduct will result in removal from the premises and legal prosecution in all cases necessarily according to the Dutch law in force on the 7th of March 2021!!!!

KONTRA is a Rotterdam based grass-roots project organising events that explores the boundaries between art and activism while seeking alternative ways of art making, partying and art management.

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