Summer Bears Festival 2021 – 20, 21, 22 August 2021 Rotterdam


Dit evenement vindt plaats van 20 augustus 2021 tot en met 22 augustus 2021. De eerstvolgende keer is op 20 augustus 2021

Friday, August 20
Summer Bears Festival Friday
· BEERS & BEARS | Welcome Party
Get ready to crawl, Rotterdam has a welcoming gay bar scene from cruise clubs to drag shows and everything in between. Join in with our Rotterdam local guide and hop from bar to bar. A pub crawl is about to get a little hairier.

Saturday, August 21
Summer Bears Festival Saturday
· WET BEARS | Beach Party
If you want to escape the hustle and bustle of the Rotterdam metropolis, why not visit the lake and forest? The Kralingse Bos and Kralingse Plas represent Rotterdam’s best recreational area. Go for a swim, or work on that suntan on the sandy (nude) beach!
· BEARBECUE | Group Barbecue
How about a group Summer Barbecue with the Bears? A fun barbecue with your old and new friends. Just a few minutes walking from the beach party. A nice selection of different barbecue foods awaits us. Yum!
·BEARTD Rotterdam | Main Party
More information will follow soon.

Sunday, August 22
Summer Bears Festival Sunday
· HUNGRY BEARS | Group Lunch
Hungry? Join the Bears for Lunch! In a typical Rotterdam venue a lunch buffet will be served with all kinds of Bear treats. Yum!
· AHOY BEARS | Boat Tour
Ahoy There, Bears! Get aboard the Boat Tour. Among the busy traffic of sea-going and inland ships, this tour is a special journey through one of the largest harbours in the world.

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