Workplace Pride 2021 International Conference: Society at a Crossroads


Workplaces are under pressure from many different directions like never before. The global pandemic has forced employers to re-examine not only their relationship with their employees but also their relationship with society.

This realisation has equally impacted the LGBTIQ+ movement – particularly in the workplace – as employers and employees begin to question the authenticity/effectiveness of past progress and look for clear answers for the future. Young people in particular are asking if employers, governments, and other stakeholders have gone far enough to create workplaces around the world where they can truly be themselves without fear for their security or fear of discrimination.

The Workplace Pride 2021 International Conference will address the hard issues of why not enough is being done, but also what CAN be done to make progress.

It is a hybrid event due to COVID safety restrictions and therefore limited for in-person attendance to Workplace Pride members only. The entire event will be broadcast live via Zoom and, time permitting, there will be Q&A with the international audience dialing in.

Conference program
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