Nobody turns up early at a party? WE DO! Our opening night WEEKEND VAN NYX: IT’S MY PARTY will take place on Saturday 26th of June instead of June 30th. Due to the restrictions being lifted earlier by the government, we decided that we wanted to meet you on our dancefloor as soon as possible. … Lees verder Weekend van NYX: It’s my party

Watchu mean bankhangen op donderdag? Je winterslaap is over, schatten, we zijn T-E-R-U-G! 🎉 De maand juli wordt omgedoopt tot Comeback Season, en y’all better be ready for his one.. Hiphop, dancehall en R&B – u name it, we got it. Elke donderdag chaos in je NYX, als vanouds, met een tandje extra knaldrang erbij. … Lees verder NYX op Donderdag: Weekend van NYX

Vrijdag is NYX is back! Feed your free spirit and creative mind with a mishmash of crazy performers, intoxicating music and all different kinds of people. Three floors with different sounds; from dancehall to house, reggaeton to hip hop and r&b to UK garage. Whatever it is, it’ll make you happy & make you dance. … Lees verder Vrijdag is NYX: Weekend van NYX